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Max Towers is a building that literally pulses with life. Our intention is to blend thoughtful community experiences, conveniences, technology and design elements with superior hospitality to create an environment, which integrates work and life. We deliver the “WorkWell promise through the concept of Pulse by bringing life to a brick-and-mortar building and nurturing the occupants within to be more productive, healthier and happier.

About Pulse

Community - Enriching your lives through
  1. Curation and execution of a monthly calendar of activities at Max Towers.
  2. Events on weekdays and weekends across a variety of genres that allow you the flexibility to pick and choose basis your convenience and interest.
  3. Easy access to casual and fine dining outlets for a work or personal get together or celebration.
  4. Preferred use of spaces and access to activities and initiatives on site.
Conveniences - Simplifying your lives by
  1. Drawing the balance between work and life more favorably by moving your weekend chores on-site e.g. car service, salon visits, etc.
  2. Enabling you to get more done in life through easy access to weekday routine activities like workouts, swimming, groceries, laundry, etc.
  3. Providing a helping and caring hand to you through health checkups, pharmacy access, etc.
Technology - Enabling you to WorkWell through
  1. A building app that connects you to others systems in the building – smart access, event ticketing, online food ordering, visitor management, meeting room booking, etc.
  2. An integrated visitor management system that allows you to seamlessly manage visitor movement.
  3. Meeting room booking system that enables you to efficiently manage meeting spaces.
  4. An intuitive building management system that drives efficiency and optimization in utilities.
Design & Build - Bringing in depth awareness around impact of design and build in your lives through
  1. Increased biophilia throughout the building including your floor.
  2. Refresh your workspace aspects to create or reinforce your organization’s cultural ethos.
  3. Contemporary design incorporating modern workplace trends suited to your needs through our preferred award-winning design partners.
  4. Range of build-out services suiting your budget through our preferred fit-out partners.
  5. Incorporation of subtle elements that induce employee wellness.


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