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Picking The Right Office Space: What To Keep In Mind

Whether you’re a startup looking to set up your very first office, or an established enterprise looking to expand, picking out the right office space is not an easy task. There are several factors that need to be considered before finding a suitable work environment for you and your teams. The space should not only meet your current needs but also simultaneously be cost-effective and sustainable. Here is what you should keep in mind while picking out the right office space for your business.


As they say for real estate – it’s all about location, location location. And they’re not wrong. Your location will impact both your employees, and your clients. For employees, your workspace should be accessible and easy to commute to. As for the clients, they should be able to find your workspace hassle-free, while the location itself should stand out for the right reasons. Aesthetically pleasing surroundings are another factor that should help you determine the location for your new office space in Delhi NCR. Try to zero in on one that has adequate greenery and natural light for the benefit of both employees and your brand.


Checking the price tag, so to speak, and ensuring you know you’re getting your money’s worth is probably the most critical step while picking out an office space. Spend too much, and you might run the risk of being under pressure on costs, and might even be forced to downsize. But spend too little, and you’ll either end up moving out because you’re not happy with the space or because it just isn’t good enough. Office spaces often have hidden costs that could add to your bill significantly, so looking out for those can help you avoid extra costs. To make office spaces more affordable in the post-pandemic world, Max Estates has introduced zero capex offices to be leased to organisations. This eliminates the capital expenditure that is spent on developing office interiors on your own. Instead, the Max Estates team configured your office customised to your preferences. The result is easy and quick workspace solutions, with quality furniture and infrastructure. Speaking of infrastructure – there’s more to keep in mind when selecting your office.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Infrastructure matters, because it directly impacts company culture, environment, and productivity. Facilities can make a significant difference when it comes to an office space. In 2020, it’s not just the basics that make for a happy workspace. Some may even justifiably proclaim that the very idea of ‘office basics’ has broadened to include several other items. A space with additional facilities such as air filtration systems, good security, fitness facilities, etc. benefit the employees and enterprises as a whole.

Max Towers acknowledges the significance of quality infrastructure and facilities, and has focused attention to delive on them well. These include ensuring there is a conveniently available variety of food, a fitness centre with excellent trainers, among others.


Design continues to gain as a priority when picking out an office space. An increasing number of enterprises of all sizes recognise that the design of their office matters. Design in terms of both functionality as well as aesthetics, plays a vital role in the office experience. Of course, it also elevates your brand image and reputation.

Design has many aspects and is affected by the simplest of parameters, such as the materials, green rating of the building, interiors, and sustainability. At Max Estates, we believe that utility and aesthetics go hand in hand, and neither should be chased without keeping the environment in mind. This is why our furnished office spaces are designed from an environmental sustainability perspective while ensuring there’s no compromise in functionality.

Company Culture

A workspace goes a long way in cultivating and promoting positive company culture. In that context, it’s essential to ensure that your office space has adequate facilities and room for employee well-being activities, and that it fosters a close, healthy community of workers. A healthy company culture is enabled with well-designed experiences around nutrition, sports, training, events, and competition to encourage the spiritual well-being of the employees.

There’s a lot to be considered while picking out the right office space for yourself. By seeking options that check most, if not all, the boxes, an enterprise gains from having enough room to grow and prosper. At Max Estates, we’d be more than happy to help!



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