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8 Expert Tips for finding the perfect​ office space for rent in New Delhi, India

With things taking a pause, it’s time to rethink about your current office space. Does it meet all your expectations? Or you feel the need to have a better one with even better rent matching all your expectations and latest market trends?

Be it an upcoming unicorn or a well established organization, we always picture them by the office space reflecting their work culture. Just like mission, vision and core values define your business, the office space defines your company profile. Successful organizations are known to give vital importance to their workspaces as a tool to increase their employee productivity. The space where you work conveys a lot about your business ethics as well as the image you want to create for your brand. Just like the layout and interiors of our homes speak for our lifestyle, the same goes for our workplace where we spend the majority of our day, carving winning business strategies.

Renting an office​ space requires you to discover a place that not only looks aesthetically good but also fits into the budget, all whilst being able to meet all your business needs. Well, not to worry, we’ve made notes that’ll help you pick the most suitable office space for rent. Let’s start with:

Location Location Location

Prime office location is one thing that businesses seek. You must check for the prime business-centric location that is well connected with prominent social infrastructure, green environment and rich cultural heritage that attracts people from all directions. When you print the address on visiting cards and brochures, the office location must strike a trustful impression.

Having an office in a prime business district ensures that you will always have an endless supply of business activity around you. This helps get your business visibility, build a community and rapport around your business which leads to trust in the market. An office in a prime location like the Max House in Okhla, New Delhi steers your brand towards a successful approach with fresh talent vying for a position in your company and business leaders who’ll find it convenient to come visit your office regularly.

Compare these benefits to a location that is very far off from the main business centres and you may face the daunting task of building the entire community and infrastructure around you from ensuring transport to finding lodging for your team. In comparison, the benefits of having an office space in a prime location is the best bet in the long run.


This poses a challenge though. Prime locations like Connaught Place, Bhikaji Cama Place, Nehru Place, Okhla and others in and around New Delhi see an extremely high competition for real-estate. New developments in these areas are making it easier for companies to establish their presence in these prime business districts. Grade A commercial real estate sector is booming and businesses now find that there are many options to rent an office in New Delhi. One such location is Max House in Okhla, New Delhi. The erstwhile head office of the Max Group has now been completely rebuilt with top-class facilities and has office space available for rent.

Safety and security standards

Especially in New Delhi, where the health and safety norms for offices are quite stringent, it becomes imperative that you choose a real estate partner that has the right experience and expertise of running operations at commercial buildings. Large corporations and multinational companies are usually the best bets because their processes and safety standards match the international standards that are even tougher that their Indian counterparts.

Parking Facilities

While​ renting an office in New Delhi​ , pay close attention to parking details in your office lease since it is important for your employees and visitors to be assured about their vehicles and drivers while they visit your office. You need to carefully read the terms related to fees and its calculations mentioned in the clause.

Work Life Balance

Work is not just focused around the desk from 9 to 5, it is more about the design interiors that drive the work lifestyle and productivity where you work. Be it the natural light focused infrastructure, adequate green areas, technologically advanced disinfection devices for safe surroundings or a physical environment that optimizes cognitive and emotional health, everything contributes to a modern​ office space for rent​ that you are looking for.

The must-have amenities

Just a coffee machine sitting in the corner won’t be able to keep the employees at your office grounded or entertained. So, while choosing an ideal office space for rent, do look around for coffee shops, wifi-equipped outdoor facilities, fitness areas or roof-top cafes, creating a more open and collaborative working environment.

Layout and Design of Your Office Space

Ambient lighting, ventilation and air quality feeling of being close to nature, acoustics, as well as the look and feel of the interiors, play a pivotal role in boosting employee productivity, morale and satisfaction which in turn positively impacts your clients. So, make sure the​ office space for rent ​ that you lease reflects well on your business and people inside it.

Plan for Future Growth

The size of your office space echoes the pace of company’s growth. If you foresee your professional family growing with more hirings, then consider that in the investments now,else you could potentially find yourself out of space after hiring new employees. And moving offices is always an expensive affair.


As we move forward in the uncertain times, it is important to consider the impact of our choices on the environment. With Max Group’s decision to make all their projects eco-friendly and sustainable, Max House located in the heart of Delhi is a LEED Gold certified building by USGBC offering workspaces that are green and healthy for the environment.

Designed to address the future of work while considering human capital to be an occupier’s most important resource, Max House blends thoughtful design and superior hospitality in order to nurture a more productive, healthier and happier community, ​ proving it to be the best office space in Delhi.

With a vision to lay exceptional business standards keeping up with booming growth of Indian industry, the real estate subsidiary of iconic Max Group, Max Ventures and Industries Limited blazed a trail with larger than life development in commercial projects with the launch of Max Towers and Max House, both real estate enterprises offering office assets for rent designed beautifully to meet all your business needs.

Post the COVID 19 outbreak where running a business is nothing but a whack-a-mole situation with soaring unemployment and tumbled economy, everybody is thinking about how to cost correctly in terms of business investments. In these times, Max House helps you keep on top of the things by offering integrated office solutions where you can choose from a variety of fully furnished spaces by elite designers or have it customized to suit their needs at zero upfront capital expenditure.



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