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5 Workspace Hacks For Early Stage Startups

Workspaces are more than just a location for any business. They’re an intersection of ideas, thoughts, and a breeding ground for the future direction organizations take. They impact innovation, creativity, productivity, and even teamwork and collaboration amongst employees. In a workspace survey by Ambius, half of office workers (50%) said they “would not even accept a job offer without looking at the workspace”. For early-stage startups, workspace considerations can be of great value.

The 5 Workspace Hacks

Early-stage startups often have to deal with a multitude of unique concerns and trade-offs. While it is essential to recognize business goals while picking a workspace, some workspace hacks could work for a lot of startups.

#1 Leveraging technology

Leveraging modern technology to create the perfect workspace is something that no startup can overlook. In an increasingly tech-driven, or perhaps more accurately – peak tech world, the availability of high-speed internet, LED channel lights, modular workstations, and even AI-based video surveillance cameras, is of critical importance in achieving higher efficiency, faster work, security, coordination, and comfort.

#2 Importance to utilities

To get the most out of a workspace, it is important to focus on needs. Keeping a greater focus on providing utilities could be key to creating the perfect workspace, particularly for a startup.

For instance, flexible collaborative spaces, air conditioning, and ventilation, or connectivity to public transport, especially for offices in Delhi NCR, is something that many would value. And once quality and utilities are given due consideration, a multitude of other things will fall into place.

#3 Customized and Low-Cost Solutions

One of the primary concerns for any early-stage startup is looking for a budget-friendly office space. Being able to minimize capital expenditure on a workspace is great, but what if you could bring your upfront capital expenditure to zero? Max Estates offers a customized fitted out space at zero CapEx – with up-front CapEx amortized over the life of the lease, resulting in a low monthly outflow of cash.

#4 Closer to nature

Many professionals seeking to work in new-age offices are simultaneously seeking to be closer to nature. For many offices in Delhi NCR, any glimpse of green is a rarity. A 2018 study carried out by the New University of Technology, Sydney, revealed that staff with plants in their office reported a reduction in negative feelings and stress levels by 30-60 percent, while those with no plants reported an increase in stress and negativity by 20-40 percent.

At Max Towers, we work hard to be pioneers of the idea of new-age workspaces. Biophilia has been incorporated into the design at Max properties, and forms an important component in inspiring creativity. Multiple studies have supported the fact that plants in the workspace have a positive impact on productivity.

#5 Stand out from the crowd

A creatively designed workspace can go a long way in attracting talented employees, something that can be particularly useful for an early-stage startup seeking quality talent. In recent times, many workspaces have come up with creative ideas, integrating flexibility and recreation options into the workspace. Building an ‘employer brand’ seems to have become an important goal for many businesses.

Of course, this also impacts the overall well-being of the staff and makes them feel appreciated and valued in the workplace.

Work At Max

Sometimes, the most unlikely ideas or hacks can lead to the most effective outcomes. The most important idea is to keep moving with the rapidly changing world – one that Max Towers and Max House have always strived towards. The recent global pandemic has changed how we view a lot of things. Therefore, it is also essential to keep in mind future implications while choosing a workspace.

Nevertheless, the definition of workspace continues to evolve – from simply being a place for working to being a strategic tool and a place for comfort.



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