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Max Towers is the workplace of the future.

Max Towers is dedicated to supporting people and businesses with a variety of environments and services that enhance working life and productivity.

The Box

An open-to-all multi-restaurant dining and leisure hub spread across the 3 levels.

Food & Drink

Our dining team offers a wide variety of healthy cuisine prepared by specialty chefs from around the world.

  1. Specialty café and roastery at the entrance lobby for casual meetings
  2. Central dining facility / food court that serves meals during business hours and doubles as a breakout zone

Culture & learning

We reinforce the values of innovation, collaboration and inspiration, enabling on-site continuous learning around the workforce needs of today and tomorrow.

  1. Culture and learning manager to curate sports, art, culture, technology and networking events
  2. 130-seater raked auditorium with state-of-the-art presentation capabilities, to host town halls, lecture series, investor meetings, cultural events, etc
  3. Staircase gallery, a dedicated space for installation art, public exhibitions and curated tours

Spiritual Well-being

We provide designed experiences around nutrition, sports, training, events and competition to promote Spiritual Well-being.

  1. State-of-the-art fitness centre, and best-in-class trainers to provide a comprehensive solution towards the wellness of our occupants
  2. Indoor temperature-controlled swimming pool and specialised pool-based aerobics and body therapies
  3. In-house sports league across various sports promote competition, enjoyment and community
  4. Doctors and counsellors provide best-in-class mental, physical and spiritual well-being
  5. Chiropractic services with a focus on diet, lifestyle coaching, ergonomics coaching, postural assessment and injury prevention.
  6. Healthy dining offerings
  7. Decompression spaces such as landscaped courtyards and terraces


Ensuring you are always a step ahead on your physical well-being and are proactively monitoring your own health.

  1. Conveniently available variety of food, drink and snacks catering to every choice including healthy options on the go 24*7.
  2. Addressing the next level in service expectations from an office building, aimed at reducing your burden on the weekends
  3. Minimizing after hour chores while offering a smooth professional experience with minimal hassles.